Am I At Risk Of Mail Theft?

It can be hard to tell if you are at risk for mail theft. One of the reasons mail theft can be so difficult to deal with is there are no immediate signs of its occurrence. By the time you realize something has gone missing, it may be too late. Of course, there are steps to help you prevent mail theft, but there are also steps to find out if you are at a particularly high risk. If you pay attention to the following steps, while asking yourself a few crucial questions, you can easily minimize your risk for mail theft.

Step 1- Find out about the area that you live in

Ask yourself if you live in an area where there is reported high risk of mail theft. If you’re not sure, then consult your neighbors and others who spend a fair amount of time in your area. Ask them if they have ever had anything stolen or if they know someone who has. If this yields no results you can always turn to your local law enforcement for information and means of prevention.

Step 2- Do you put yourself at risk?

Ask yourself if you have anything worth stealing (from a thief’s point of view) in your mail correspondence. Do you receive checks or cash in the mail? What about mail-in credit card offers? Anything of value or containing your personal information is always at risk when it’s put in the mail system. Do what you can to minimize your risk by eliminating yourself as a target.

Step 3- Are you being as vigilant as possible?

If you are really worried about your risk for mail theft, there is always more you can do. Have especially sensitive items shipped to a post office box for a small fee. Have your mail held at the post office when you’re on vacation. Get a locking mailbox. Be prompt when retrieving mail from your box; don’t leave mail sitting overnight or for days at a time. Always ask yourself if there is something more that you could be doing to protect yourself.

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