Mail Identity Theft

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States for the past 10 years, and affects over 10 million Americans each year.

Mail theft is a common way that identity thieves can steal your identity, and the 60 million unlocked mailboxes in the US offer a treasure trove of opportunity for would-be identity thieves.

Victims of mail theft often do not realize they have been victimized until their credit record and good name is ruined. Remedying the outcomes of fraud and identity theft requires thousands of dollars and hours of your time.

This section provides information about the prevalence of mail and identity theft, and the precautions you can take to protect yourself and your name.

Mail Identity Theft

  • More than 1 in 20 Americans are victims of ID theft each year
  • ID theft is the fastest growing crime in the nation
  • Only 35% of ID theft victims know how their info was compromised
  • The majority of known ID theft is perpetuated via low-tech methods: stolen wallets, stolen mail and stolen trash.
  • Mail theft is highly under-reported because most people don’t realize when their mail has been stolen
Mail Theft in Arlington, WA
February 13, 2015

KING 5 Reports, “‘Tis the season for mail theft” In early December, KING 5 news ran a story warning this is one of the busiest times of the year for mail thieves. The story is reprinted below: ARLINGTON, Washington – With two weeks left to mail out Christmas cards and packages, this is one of the busiest times of the…

Baltimore Mail Thief Gets Prison Time
February 13, 2015

Followed postal carriers and stole government checks from mailboxes Earlier this year in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. District Judge William D. Quarles, Jr. sentenced a 41 year old to three years in prison for receiving stolen property and aggregated identity theft in connection with stealing government checks from mailboxes and cashing the checks using fraudulent identity documents, announced U.S. Attorney for…

Mail ID Thief Sentenced, Lessons to Be Learned
February 13, 2015

Seattle PI reports identity thief stole victims’ mail; provide identity theft prevention tips On Saturday, January 24, 2009, the Seattle Post Intelligencer ran the story, “Identity thief gets 10-year sentence for stealing $200K,” originally reported here and reprinted below. This is another serious case of mail identity theft close to home, and while we are not surprised this continues to…

How to Prevent Identity Theft
February 12, 2015

Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft with these Easy Steps

Most of us would like to live in a place where identity theft was not relevant. Unfortunately for us, there is no place this secure. There are several steps you can take no matter where you live in order to avoid being victimized from by identity theft.

Mail Thieves Show No Mercy
February 12, 2015

One Man Fights Back Against a Neighborhood Netflix Mail Thief

Check out this video to see how one man fights back against mail (and netflix movie) theft.

It’s not just your bills anymore; it’s your movies too! Not only is your personal information such as credit cards, bill statements and social security number being stolen through mail theft, but so is your given right to relax to a Netflix movie. Netflix receives hundreds of “lost in the mail” reports every week from their customers. Although some of these individuals may have actually had their movies lost by the USPS, many of these reports stem from the Netflix mail thieves.
Beware of the many individuals out there who are prowling your neighborhoods unlocked mailboxes, searching for their next Wednesday night entertainment.

Identity Theft Up 22% in 2008
February 12, 2015

According to the 2009 Identity Theft Survey Report (preview here) by Javelin Research, identity theft is on the rise. The number of identity theft victims rose 22% to a record 9.9 million in 2008, up from 8.1 million in 2007. While losses and subsequent consumer costs have decreased due to increased protections, the overall number and percentage of ID theft victims continues to…

Mail in a Shoebox?
February 12, 2015

Without a locking mailbox you may as well receive your mail in a shoebox

Most Americans receive their credit cards, credit card offers, checkbooks, social security checks, bank statements, bills, and other sensitive financial information in the mail. Yet, most mailboxes sit unlocked, unprotected, and vulernable to mail theft. This is equivalent to having your most private personal and financial information delivered by the postal officer into a shoe box on the street, for anyone to take…

Seattle Digs the Mail Boss
February 12, 2015

Seattle Times calls MailBoss “virtually inpenetrable” Mail and identity theft has been increasing at an epidemic rate nationwide, and the Seattle area is no exception. A King County Prosecuting Attorney Policy Paper reads, “[…] during a time when the overall crime rate has dropped by more than 5%, reported mail theft has grown dramatically, suggesting that criminals have found a…

Stop Mail Theft Cold
February 12, 2015

“Mail Theft” video packs a punch This is a great, comical video that expresses our frustrations with having to worry about getting our mail stolen and living with that threat. There is a little voice in all of us (at least in me!) that wants to punch or inflict pain on anyone who has bad intentions for us or our…

Mail Theft Continues to Grow… We Can’t Keep Up!
December 11, 2014

Back in 2006 when we launched the original curbside Mail Boss, you  hardly ever heard about mail thefts in the news. It used to be that every once in a while we would find a really relevant news story about mail-identity theft, and publish here to help consumers realize the importance of a locking mailbox. Now, it seems mail theft…