Reasons to Buy a Locking Mailbox

Security Mailboxes: A one-time investment in peace of mind

A high-quality secure locking mailbox is a maintenance free one-time investment that could prevent you from losing thousands of dollars and destroying your credit. If you do not own a locking mailbox, you are highly vulnerable to becoming a victim of mail theft and identity theft. An unlocked mailbox is an open invitation to thieves and criminals to steal your mail and subsequently your identity. Unfortunately in the United States mail theft is an epidemic common in urban, suburban and rural areas alike, and related to the sky-rocketing methamphetamine drug problems (MSNBC 3/10/04).

When seeking to protect yourself from the nightmares of mail theft and identity theft, it is important to realize that not all locking mailboxes are created equal. Many people invest in a locking mailbox of inferior quality, made easy-to-violate materials with inadequate locking mechanisms, only to find their mailbox accessed, their mail stolen, and their identity compromised. (See, for example, this story.) However, a quality secure locking mailbox will deter even the most persistent thief: if he can not quickly and easily open it, he will move on to an easier target to avoid being caught.

Many people believe they do not need a locking mailbox because they receive most of their bills and sensitive information online or via e-mail. While technology has provided easy, fast and convenient ways to communicate and deal with sensitive information, there will always be a need for “snail mail”. Almost every single house, condominium, apartment, and business receives daily personal and sensitive mail that can be exploited by criminals, and therefore almost everyone has a need for a safe, secure locking mailbox.

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