PHOTO: Mixed Mail Boss Mailbox Installation

Steve and his neighbors were sick of having their cluster mailboxes broken into, so they decided to get together and install a multi-box Mail Boss mailbox installation to key the mail thieves at bay, once and for all.

They all wanted a secure curbside mailbox, but they wanted different Mail Boss models and colors. The result is this very unique 5-Box Mailbox installation made up of the Mail Boss and Package Master in a variety of colors including black, bronze and granite!

5-Box MailBoss Mailbox Installation

All of the mailboxes were purchased from McLendon Hardware in Sumner.

From Steve:

“After our cluster mailbox was broken into for at least the third time, our group of five rural neighbors decided to upgrade to something more secure. One of the neighbors is a skilled and artistic welder, so he resurrected and expanded an old mailbox post, and we now have an eclectic collection of five new Mail Boss mailboxes purchased from McLendon Hardware in Sumner.

Here’s what we came up with. Two of the neighbors opted for the Package Master, and three of us for the standard Mail Boss. I did the research online, then found out that McLendon Hardware in Sumner (not far from us) carried your products, and everyone picked out what they wanted on their own. I rather like the variety! Our neighbor who put the stand together really appreciated the uniformity of the holes in the mounting plates: even with the different boxes, it made construction much easier. The original post has been there long enough to allow for a nice growth of ivy around it, and we updated the whole rack with a fresh coat of black RustOleum paint. It sure is nice not to have to pick up mail at the downtown post office anymore!”

We think it looks pretty awesome, and adds unique curb appeal!

If you have a photo to share of your Mail Boss mailbox installation, please send it our way so we can add it to our #MyMailBoss gallery!

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