Photo: Mail Boss Package Installation

We received this gorgeous shot of a 2-Box Mail Boss Package install in New Windsor, New York from Elise, who raved about how easy it was to install, even as an elderly woman.

EliseCarlsonMailBossTestimonialElise didn’t think that mail theft was a problem in her community, but then one day she found her mail strewn along the street while walking the dog. Even though no one else in the neighborhood had locking mailboxes, she decided to switch over to a secure mailbox. She took a great deal of care in the job from start to finish, and the final product was the talk of the neighborhood.

Elise wrote:

“I am very proud of my Mail Boss mailboxes. I took pictures from start to finish, and I did it all by myself. I am 62.

Although sliding the actual mailbox onto the face plate on the spreader was a little hard as the mailbox is weighty, I did it. I am not a big person.

I am very proud of the results as I took my time and of course the whole neighborhood was watching me. Once finished, everyone complimented how nice it was. I think I am the only one with a locking mailbox.

One day I had found my mail down the street while walking the dog, so I opted to protect myself with the best locking mailbox….the MAIL BOSS. Here is a picture of my mailboxes …. Elise.”

After seeing what a great job Elise did, and how easy the installation was, we suspect that her neighbors will soon follow suit and secure their mail with locked mailboxes like the Mail Boss.

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