PHOTO: Above-Ground Bronze Mail Boss Mailbox Installation

Stuart Grant, an architect and certified general contractor in Miami, shared this photo of his above-ground Mail Boss mailbox installation hoping it might be inspire those wishing to install a curbside mailbox in very hard earth.


Stuart writes:

“This is a photo of my Mailboss a few minutes after mounting it on the post.

Where I live we have a layer of limestone about 2 inches below the surface so I built a pedestal out of reinforced concrete rather than trying to dig a big hole.

The pedestal is 30 inches square and 12 inches deep – angled at the bottom so it is about 24″ below ground at the center.

It is reinforced with four 4″ (1/2-inch) reinforcing bars in a grid pattern (bars in two directions).

I decided to wrap the bottom of the post with duct tape before pouring the concrete which I trimmed back to the top surface of the concrete after this photo.

I later sealed the joint between the post and the concrete with silicone.

I enjoyed seeing other installations on your website and hope mine might be useful to people who want to do an above-ground installation. Thank you for making such a great product.”

Stuart’s installation guide may be useful if you are attempting to install a mailbox post in a ground area with very hard dirt or rocks. The clean lines and concrete give the final installation a very modern “industrial chic” look!

Many thanks to Stuart for sharing his custom above-ground mailbox installation. If you have a custom mailbox installation you would like to share for the #MyMailBoss gallery, please contact us!

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