Package Master vs. Toyota Corolla in Atlanta GA

It’s no secret that the Mail Boss curbside mailboxes are durable, and thanks to the innovative Fast-Trak Mounting Plate, they can often survive impact with planes, trains and automobiles. Here’s another incredible tale of mailbox survival from Suzanne in Atlanta, Georgia:

“I was awakened early one morning by a sound I assumed was our over-sized garage door closing. It didn’t take long to realize that the noise was in fact the sound of a Toyota Corolla, driven by a frightened but unharmed teenager, crashing into and knocking over our Epoch Design mailbox. The beautiful, modern, Package Master mailbox had been firmly mounted on a pole and cemented by previous owners in 2012. Now we know it’s as sturdy as it is beautiful – the box and pole remained completely in tact. Only the mounting plate was bent and needed to be replaced. After one call to Jenny at Epoch Design, she kindly offered to replace the bent plate free of charge (including shipping) and sent it out the same day. Thanks guys! Our story has a much happier ending than the Corolla’s.

Atlanta, GA”

Suzanne Atlanta Granite Package Master Hit and Run 2
Suzanne Atlanta Granite Package Master Hit and Run

Luckily, only the car and the Mounting Plate were hurt. The Package Master – and more importantly, the teenage driver – are safe.

We are sending Suzanne a new Fast-Trak for her Granite Package Master, and her mailbox should be good as new!

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