Package Master vs. Hay Bailer

Here’s another incredible tale of Mail Boss mailbox survival. In this episode of mailbox match-ups, the Package Master takes on a Hay Bailer!

Patricia shares:

“This is a doozy for the “I Will Survive” stories. You won’t believe it but three days ago a hay bailer backed into our mailbox – more than once! We have a witness but have not been able to get someone to “fess up” to doing it.

The mailbox mounting plate has been severely bent and at first my husband was not able to get the bolts to release it from the Package Master. Eventually Marc was able to get the box off the post and the plate off the box. The box itself is in good shape – only a little scratched. The post is good too. It will need to be recemented which my husband can do. So this means we only need to order the plate.

Thank you and your crew for being there for us!”

-Patricia in Sacramento

Package Master vs Hay Bailer

PatriciaBrennen2As you can see from the close up photo above, the Fast-Trak Mounting Plate took the brunt of the impact, while the mailbox itself was virtually unscathed! This is a typical outcome of mailbox match-ups due to the innovative design of the Mounting Plate and the durable construction of the mailbox.

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