Ontario California Mail Theft

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin reports, “Stolen mail incidents crop up locally”

This just in from the Daily Bulletin in Ontario, California – mail theft is on the rise! Residents need to protect their mail (and their identities) with a security mailbox.

The original story documents an increase in mail theft. Notable points – most homeowners DO NOT realize when their mail has been stolen, and mail theft often leads to identity theft. The best defense: a locking security mailbox.

We’re including the original story below (emphases added) in hopes that homeowners will convert their vulnerable non-secure mailboxes to high security mailboxes like the Mail Boss locking security mailbox.

Local law enforcement agencies are looking into several recent incidents of mail being stolen in Upland, San Antonio Heights and Alta Loma.

Earlier this month, residents called the Upland Police Department to report bundles of mail were found in several areas throughout the community.

No mailboxes were vandalized and it appeared the thieves just reached in and took the mail, Upland police Sgt. Cliff Mathews said.

Police officers returned mail to 32 residences in the city and mailed belongings to six residences in Rancho Cucamonga and five in San Antonio Heights, Mathews said.

Mail meant to be delivered to Upland resident was also found in Ontario and returned to its owners.

None of the recipients said they were aware their property had been stolen.

“That’s very, very common,” Mathews said. “People generally don’t know they’ve been a victim of stolen mail.”

Stolen mail is especially a problem because it can lead to identity theft.

“People are likely to steal mail for three reasons: to find cash, to find merchandise, and identity theft,” Mathews said.

Anyone who has been a victim of mail theft should pay close attention to their credit reports and even put a fraud alert on their credit, Mathews said.

Piles of mail were found Aug. 2 in Upland at 15th Street and Benson Avenue, 24th Street and Campus Avenue, in the 1600 block of N. Fernbrook Avenue as well as in the 900 block of Kenwood Street.

There was another report of stolen mail on Aug. 9 in the 7000 block of Larkspur.

The mail was mostly discovered before 9 a.m., which would indicate the mail was left overnight in the box, Mathews said.

To keep mail from being stolen, law enforcement officers advise residents to retrieve their mail daily and have someone bring it in if they are going to be out of town.

Mathews also recommended investing in mail boxes that have a lock.

Police said they do not have any leads yet for the mail thieves, but are asking residents to pay attention in their neighborhoods.

“Be alert to people stopping, getting mail out of mailboxes and driving away,” Mathews said.

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