No One’s Identity Is Safe, Just Ask Todd Davis

The risks of identity theft can be pretty high. If you’re not vigilant with your personal information, it can get into the hands of the wrong individuals. No matter how trivial you think any piece of information may be, you never know what little bit could be used against you, provided it falls into the wrong hands.

The steps that you can take to secure your personal information are too quick and simple to avoid, especially with the level of risk involved; protect and dispose of your mail properly, never give out your social security number, opt out of mail-in credit offers, etc.

Any physical correspondence containing your personal information should be considered a risk; always make sure that risk is worth it. If there’s another method for you to relay your personal information, choose that method. The first lesson on how to avoid identity theft is to protect yourself.

Of course, there are tons of companies that offer solutions on how to avoid identity theft and they all have one thing in common: they promise no risk, and no worry. Ultimately, however, no matter what the claim, no product will protect your identity as well as personal prevention.

lifelock-reviewFor example, the famed identity protection service, Lifelock, took a hit after their CEO, Todd Davis, publicly advertised his social security number as a measure of his confidence in his product. Since then, his identity has been stolen and used for fraudulent purposes a confirmed 13 times, with reports that his information may have been accessed in over 80 instances.

Preventing identity theft starts with you! Nothing will help you to avoid identity theft like personal prevention and protection of your personal information.

To aide you in protecting yourself, Mail Boss offers a line of products designed to keep your mail safe and out of the hands of thieves. There might not be a fancy electronic solution to this widespread problem, but the tools to protect yourself are available. With a locking mailbox from Mail Boss, you can be sure that your information is safe and out of the wrong hands.

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