Scott and his neighbors in Olympia Washington were recently the victims of mailbox burglary. All six of the Oasis Jr mailboxes by Architectural Mailboxes that they had purchased from Lowe’s Home Improvement in Olympia were pried open and the mail contents stolen.

Oasis Jr Architectural Mailboxes Pried Open in Olympia

Scott wrote:

“It wasn’t just my mailbox that got hit. A whole bunch of our neighbors’ mailboxes got pried open today, too. After doing some research, I think Mail Boss is my solution.” 

Here is the photo Scott shared of his mailbox after the burglary today.

Oasis Jr Mailbox Architectural Burglarized

The Oasis Jr locking mailbox by Architectural Mailboxes — available for around $100 at most Lowe’s and Home Depot stores — can be pried open with a screwdriver in seconds. While no mailbox is 100% theft proof, the #BetterByBoss mailbox offer is meant to help victims of mailbox prying replace a locking mailbox that has been burglarized with a locking mailbox that is more secure: Scott will be upgrading his mailbox to a secure maibox by Mail Boss with the #BetterByBoss offer.