New PRODUCTS! Mailbox post HEIGHT & DEPTH extensions!

Do you need some additional depth for the installation of your Mail Boss mailbox post? Do you prefer the sturdiness, security and strength of an all metal install? The Mail Boss Post Depth Extension is perfect for increasing the length of any Mail Boss steel mailbox post. The Extender is bolted inside the post at variable heights, and holes are pre-drilled at set distances of 3″ apart, allowing for a variety of installation heights. Optionally, at the bottom of the post depth extension there are 4 sets of aligned cross holes, which conveniently accomodate up to 4 sections of #4 rebar (1/2″ Diameter). Avoid measurements, save time, and shore up your install with the MailBoss Depth Extension.

Easily raise the installation height of your Mail Boss steel mailbox post with our Post Height Extender. The mailbox post height extension will securely lift the height of your mailbox by six inches. The Mail Boss Post Height Extender is color matched to your existing post and includes installation hardware. The mounting pattern accommodates all locking security curbside mailboxes made by MailBoss. With modification, many other brands of mailboxes will fit on top of the upper area as well. This extender will lift the height of your mailbox, and is ideal for landscape changes or instances where the mailbox is mounted too low to the ground.

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