NEW Product: Wall Mount Drop Mailbox

We have a new product available for purchase! It’s a Wall Mount Drop Mailbox, most commonly being used as a collection box for things like key drops and rent collection.

Epoch Locking Drop Box Security Collection Box Tan

So how did we come up with this product?

Well, we actually designed it specifically for use in Saudi Arabia! That’s right: Our security mailboxes will soon be featured on homes across the globe! So, some features – like the sand proof weather stripping – were incorporated with this environment in mind. The size of standard mail in Saudi is a bit different than in the United States, and the volume of the mail a bit less; so some people here may not find this box ideal for mail delivery. But many schools, contractors and businesses have found uses for this mailbox, so now we are offering it for sale on our website!

Is this mailbox like the other Mail Boss mailboxes?

In short, yes. This drop mailbox is made of 16-gauge galvanized steel and features innovative design with security in mind. The bin door hinders fishing, and of course this collection box includes the patented anti-pry latch locking mechanism to prevent leveraged entry. It also includes a Lifetime Warranty.

How is this product different?

Most significantly, it’s much smaller than our other wall mount models. It is narrower and less deep, so it has a smaller overall capacity. We have found it is ideal for things like key drops, rent check drops, etc. In addition to bronze, granite, and white, we are offering it in a new color: Tan! And best of all, it’s our most affordable product yet, on sale now for just $75 including shipping.

I want one!

For more information, and to shop this product, go here.

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