NEW Designer Mailboxes: Mail Manager in PRIME colors!

We decided to have a little fun with the Mail Manager locking mailbox, so we had some powder-coated in prime colors: red, yellow and blue!

For a limited time you can now get a cherry red mailbox, a bright yellow mailbox or a royal blue mailbox while supplies last!

These colored mailboxes have all the same security features of the Mail Manager, but they have been painted!

Will the paint start to chip off?

No, it shouldn’t! These colors are actually professionally powder-coated onto the mailbox so they shouldn’t chip or fade. If the box is damaged, though, you will want to apply a matching Rustoleum to prevent the steel from corroding just as with any Mail Boss mailbox.

Does this work like a regular Mail Manager?

Yes, these mailboxes are identical in every way to a Mail Manager security mailbox, except the color. You even get 3 keys and reflective house numbers!

What should I do with it?

Well, the options are endless! Are you a Duke Blue Devil fan? Maybe get a custom stencil for your royal blue mailbox. Are you a Boss Mustang fan? Use a bright yellow mailbox and get decal racing stripes along the side. Or perhaps you want to show off your patriotic spirit with a flag mailbox? Grab a red mailbox and get to work!

Here are a few pictures for inspiration to get you started…

I want one!

For more information, and to shop this product, go here.

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