Naked Mail Thief Strikes Murrieta, CA

There’s a naked man on the loose stealing mail in Murrieta! OK, that’s not true. There was a man on the loose stealing mail in Murrieta. But then the cops found him in his Geo Metro with hundreds of pieces of stolen mail… just chillin… naked!

I find this story pretty of funny. Not for the victims, of course! But the mental picture: a guy naked in his Geo Metro… sorting through other people’s personal mail with his pants off… WOW! Imagine the surprise of the Police Officers.. not to mention Mr. Naked Guy!!

Sadly, mail identity theft is a major problem of epidemic proportions. The best defense is a high security locking mailbox like the MAIL BOSS to keep your incoming mail secure from criminal hands. (Also never send sensitive mail from your mailbox with the flag up – use a blue USPS box or go to the Post Office.)

Most people use a paper shredder to shred sensitive information before they throw it away, but don’t think about what they are shredding – mostly the MAIL that comes in their shoebox by the curb (aka unsecured residential mailbox) … and its so much easier for criminals to steal from a mailbox than dive through a dump!! <<eeew!!>>

Remember, a locking mailbox is an essential element in identity theft prevention. Lock up your mail and secure your identity! Prevention is the best defense – use a secure locking mailbox and don’t become the next ID theft statistic!

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