Money Pit says “Mail Boss Locking Mailbox Protect Against Identity Theft”

We’ve been bragging about Mail Boss being featured on Money Pit. Well, after reviewing our locking mailboxes, here is what executive producers had to say about Mail Boss on their blog:

Mail Boss Locking Mailbox Protects Against Identity Theft

Mail theft is a leading cause of identity theft, and it peaks during the holiday season as more checks, gift cards and sensitive documents add to mail volume. Guard your mail and your identity now and through seasons to come with a secure locking mailbox from Mail Boss.

Mail Boss Locking MailboxAvailable in curbside or wall-mounted models, Mail Boss mailboxes are designed with ultimate security in mind. They feature a patented anti-pry latch locking mechanism with a chrome alloy steel cam and high-security, 12-wafer disc lock, so they can’t be easily pried open or picked like other locking mailboxes. They also can’t be fished into by hand, thanks to a design that only allows deposit by mail slot and retrieval using your unique keys to open the locking access door.

Mail Boss locking mailboxes are made of heavy gauge, galvanized powder-coated steel for security, durability and resistance to vandalism. Wall-mounted models come with an innovative bracket for quick installation, and curbside models include a patented Fast-Trak mounting plate that suits column installations or existing mailbox posts. Visit to find a retailer near you or to shop the Mail Boss online store.


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