The Methiest States in the US

Especially popular in rural areas with increasingly limited job opportunities

There is a well-documented connection between meth and identity theft. Often, drug addicts work in complex identity theft rings with low-level users stealing sensitive information they can sell or trade for meth. The higher level operators then piece together the information for fraud or identity theft.

Both the meth and identity theft epidemic are growing, with no signs of slowing.

This infographic from the Huffington Post’s report on the Methiest States in the nation shows that the Midwest has been hit hardest, with Missouri leading reports of meth laboratory incidents.

Methiest States

If you follow the Mail-Identity Theft Reports on this blog — which often include mug shots — you can plainly see that most of the mail thieves are meth addicts. Reading the comment feeds from the news stories you will inevitably see something like:

“Oh, that’s so sad. I used to go to school with Suzie. She was such a great girl until she got hooked on crystal.”

It will be interesting to see how our nation responds to the meth epidemic, as it truly is destroying lives, not only of the addicts but also of their victims.


  1. Cy on July 17, 2016 at 10:45 pm

    Since this is based on meth lab instances, I don’t think it is a true representation of meth use. Mexican cartels are bringing it in as fast as they can sell it. So, a lot is being cooked outside US borders but used here. There needs to be a depiction of how many are arrested, how many check into rehab, etc. to get a real feel for which states have the most meth use.

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