Meth Addicts Stealing Mail in SLC

Deseret News of Salt Lake City, Utah reports “When high, they’re adept at altering documents”

This story gives a clear picture of why meth addiction and mail theft fit neatly together. As reporter Dennis Romboy explains:

“Meth addiction has reached epidemic proportions in Utah. It is the fastest growing illicit drug in the state, outpacing marijuana. More than a quarter of men and nearly 40 percent of women in treatment programs are meth abusers. If your mail has been stolen, chances are the thief was a meth addict, or a “tweaker” as they often refer to themselves.”

Salt Lake CityExperts maintain there is no doubt that Utah’s meth problem is a major cause of mail theft, and stolen mail often results in stolen identity. Kirk Torgensen, who heads the Utah attorney general’s identity fraud unit, says “We see a lot of meth heads involved in this identity theft stuff,” he said. “We know that when they steal mail, they’re doing it to use someone’s identity.”

Why the strong connection between meth use and mail and identity theft? It has to do with the nature of the high:

“People high on meth can stay awake and focused on repetitive tasks for days, making them adept at stealing from mailboxes and altering checks and documents. Using common solvents like acetone, mail snatchers “wash” and rewrite checks to themselves for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. They have no problem spending hours perfecting a watermark or re-arranging account numbers.”

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To learn more about Salt Lake City’s recent mail theft epidemic and its connection with methamphetamine abuse, click here.


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    Identity theft protection is a must these days. I use SOLUS Identity Theft Protection.

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