Melissa endorses Mail Boss Customer Service after installation ‘snafu’

Melissa’s Mail Boss Story

Melissa recently purchased a Mail Boss online from an internet reseller of locking mailboxes. Unfortunately, when she received her Mail Boss, one of the machine screws used to secure the Fast Trak Mounting Plate to the Mail Boss was stripped. Consequently, when Melissa tried to remove the screw (the first step in the installation process) it would not budge and she was stuck with a mailbox and no way to install it.

She emailed us describing her problem, and luckily, there is a solution! You can use a tool called “Easy Out” to easily remove stripped screws. But, rather than make Melissa track down one of these gadgets, we opted to send her a replacement Mail Boss right away, with a prepaid call tag for the defective unit. Then, when we receive the ‘defective’ unit we can ‘easy out’ the stripped screw!

Why 100% Customer Satisfaction is Just Good Business Practice

Why did we handle Melissa’s situation expediently with professionalism and trust? Because we believe in 100% customer satisfaction. A lovely side benefit to this credo is that we often reap the benefits of wonderful word-of-mouth references and referrals. Take, for example, the letter Melissa sent to her entire neighborhood association

Melissa’s Endorsement

Dear Neighbors,

I drive around and still see so many unsecure mailboxes – locking mailboxes are one of our defenses against crime – as they deter from the target, so I wanted to post a recommendation about a mailbox company that I just dealt with, for those neighbors who might be considering a purchase. My customer service experience after an installation issue was so good, and that’s so rare these days – that I feel the need to communicate this company’s essential wonderfulness to neighbors.    The company is Mailboss : – they carry very solid, heavy, secure locked boxes.  These are not inexpensive, but they are very much worth the price, which is about $200.

I originally ordered this from another website (which carries the Mailboss, but I won’t mention their name).   I had a very frustrating installation problem with a stripped screw, which was partly my fault in my trying to remove it in order to complete the first of three simple steps.   I contacted the internet site where I  purchased it –  unfortunately I still have yet to hear from them, and I’m definitely not recommending them.  But at the same time (on a Saturday late afternoon), I also happened to contact the Mailboss manufacturer – their “help” information was listed in the instructions – I’ve since learned they are a family owned business located in Redmond, WA.  Not only did they email me twice – on Easter Sunday –  about my mailbox installation snafu but they resolved the issue the next day by suggesting they would send me a replacement box, which I received within two days, AND they are paying the shipping for me to send back the other box.  They couldn’t have been nicer and more accommodating, and weren’t concerned that I had not purchased directly from them – in fact they never asked for a receipt, and they are trusting that I’m sending back the box with the stuck screw with a mailing box they supplied, AFTER I’ve already received the replacement box – yes, I’ll have it in the mail tomorrow :).

So many companies now try to battle you over this kind of thing – this was nothing like that.  I thought it worth it to pass along this positive experience for a product that some residents might/should be considering. I hope this is helpful to some,


Melissa R.

Thank you Melissa, for taking the time to share your experience with your neighbors! If you have had a similar customer service experience, or other comments or feedback you would like to share, we welcome your contact!

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