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“You protect yourself from ID theft by shredding
your personal documents, so why would
you leave them outside for thieves to steal?”

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Hardware RetailingNew Product Spotlight: Mail Boss Package Master

The Chief Engineer

The Chief Engineer
“[…] the first line of defense against the growing
and expensive crimes of mail and ID theft.”

Media Features on the Blog

  • Welcome Home Interview at NHS 2014

    TradeshowsThis May, Epoch Design attended the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, showcasing the innovative Mail Boss locking security mailbox line. In attendance was Epoch Design President and Mail Boss inventor, David Bolles, who spoke with Bill Rogers of Welcome Home TV. The transcript of the interview is below: Bill: Well as you know, in […]

  • Mail Boss on KOMO 4

    NewsMediaWhen one North Seattle man was fed up with having his mail stolen, he organized a group of neighbors and orchestrated a bulk purchase of the Mail Manager locking security mailbox. Joel Moreno, KOMO News 4 reporter, caught wind of this and investigated. The KOMO 4 News team then reported on how other communities can […]

  • Haller Lake Community Mail Manager Order

    HOA_CommunitiesSteve Warren of the Haller Lake neighborhood in Seattle was tired of having his mail stolen from his locking mailbox, so he purchased a Mail Manager high-security mailbox from Epoch Design. Pleased with the quality of his mailbox, Warren posted in a neighborhood forum sharing his experience and asking whether other residents might be interested […]

  • Sneak Peek: Welcome Home TV Interview at NHS

    TradeshowsAt National Hardware Show in Vegas this year, we had the opportunity to meet with Bill Rogers of Welcome Home TV, and share some of the features of Mail Boss that make our locking mailboxes the best choice in mail-identity theft prevention. We’re excited to share that interview with you, but for now, here’s a […]

  • Mail Boss in Holiday Gift Guide: What to Buy Women

    rp_HolidayMailTheft.jpgAs we shared earlier this month, Mail Boss was featured in a Holiday Gift Guide on What to Buy Men. Turns out, Mail Boss makes a pretty neat gift for women too, at least according to Kayla over at I Heart Giveaways: She writes: No matter their gender, anyone who regularly gets mail could use […]

  • Mail Boss in Holiday Gift Guide: What to Buy Men

    Blog_FeaturedKayla at I Heart Giveaways included the Mail Boss in her Holiday Gift Guide: What to Buy Men. She writes: No matter their gender, anyone who regularly gets mail could use a safe mail box. For one, you help the recipient’s mailbox be safer. Who wants their entire mailbox to be destroyed by some rowdy […]

  • Blogger Review and Giveaway: Mail Manager

    Blog_FeaturedBlogger Ruby at Life of a Mad Typer writes a lot of product reviews and as such she receives all sorts of parcels and packages in the mail. When her packages started going missing, she realized she needed a secure mailbox and reached out to us. We offered to give her a Mail Manager locking […]

  • NorthStar Nerd: Mail Boss “Low Tech Security with High Tech Effect”

    Blog_FeaturedMany thanks to NorthStar Nerd, who included an insightful review of the Mail Boss, related to low tech security and locking mailboxes. He points out that while many people are concerned about “high tech security” they often overlook “low tech security” like the need for locking mailboxes for identity theft prevention. You can read his […]

  • Home Improvement Executive Category Report on Mailboxes

    NewsMediaA few days ago, we showed you the ad we prepared for Home Improvement Executive Magazine. Well, it was published in Home Improvement Executive Volume 22 No. 11, and displayed adjacent to a special Category Report on Mailboxes. Prior to the January 21 publication, an editor reached out to us to find out what is so special about […]

  • B2B Ad: Your Key to Profits is in the Mail

    NewsMediaEpoch Design was asked to be featured in the January 2013 issue of Home Improvement Executive, with a special report on Innovations in Mailboxes. The catch, of course, was that we would also need to advertise ($$$). Generally, we do not spend much on print advertising, instead focusing marketing efforts online as well as occasional TV […]

  • VIDEO: Mail Boss on Welcome Home TV!

    NewsMediaMail Boss was a very popular gift idea this past holiday season. In this Welcome Home TV segment, Mail Boss is featured as the go-to solution for mail-identity theft prevention: Welcome Home TV, created by Executive Producer Bill Rogers, features resources to help beautify and protect your home. In this segment, Welcome Home highlights Mail […]

  • VIDEO: Mail Boss on Money Pit!

    NewsMediaIn case you missed it, here’s the Money Pit segment on Mail Boss locking mailboxes: Money Pit, hosted by home improvement expert Tom Kraeutler, features innovative solutions for the home. In the Mail Boss segment, Tom showcases the Mail Boss mailboxes: He explains, “Mail theft is a leading cause of identity theft, and it peaks […]

  • Money Pit says “Mail Boss Locking Mailbox Protect Against Identity Theft”

    NewsMediaWe’ve been bragging about Mail Boss being featured on Money Pit. Well, after reviewing our locking mailboxes, here is what executive producers had to say about Mail Boss on their blog: Mail Boss Locking Mailbox Protects Against Identity Theft Mail theft is a leading cause of identity theft, and it peaks during the holiday season […]

  • Mail Boss Locking Mailboxes Featured on Money Pit

    NewsMediaMail Boss is now live on Money Pit! Here’s a behind-the-scenes shot of Tom Kraeutler with an assortment of Mail Boss locking mailboxes, presented as a solution to prevent holiday mail thefts and identity theft. Here is a shot of Tom with a Bronze Mail Boss, live on the air: The producers say: “Product you […]

  • Mail Boss Mailboxes on Money Pit this December

    Blog_FeaturedDo you watch Money Pit? It’s a nationally syndicated home repair and home improvement program hosted by Tom Kraeutler. This December, Money Pit will be featuring our very own Mail Boss mailboxes! And, you can find our Mail Boss in the Money Pit 2012 Holiday Shopping Guide! We’ll keep you updated as we find out […]

  • Mail Boss on Home Talk USA

    NewsMediaListen in to Home Talk USA this Saturday to hear Mail Boss Marketing Manager Jenny DeRaspe-Bolles chatting live on the radio with “Cajun Contractor” Michael King. Jenny plans to cover the development of the Mail Boss brand, product features, and what’s in store the future of Mail Boss. To listen live, tune in here at […]

  • Mail Boss Wins Innovation in Locking Mailboxes Award

    NewsMediaHome Improvement Executive awards Epoch Design 1st place for “Innovation in Locking Mailboxes” with new Mail Manager Each year, Home Improvement Executive recognizes leaders in the home improvement industry for innovations in their respective categories. In 2012, Epoch Design, manufacturer of Mail Boss locking security mailboxes, was awarded 1st place for Innovation in Locking Mailboxes. […]

  • San Francisco ❤s Mail Boss

    SanFranciscoThe Mail Boss security mailbox is all the rave in the media, from coast to coast. The San Francisco Chronicle editors have featured our very own mailboxes in an article called “Mail Boss delivers identity-theft protection.” “Though the homeowner can install the box in less than an hour, it should take much longer than that […]

  • Mail Boss Featured in Locksmith Ledger

    locksmithledgerOur very own Mail Boss locking security mailbox was recently featured in Locksmith Leger magazine. Here’s what they have to say: From “Meet the Mail Boss” (November 2010): Market these secure mailboxes to customers concerned about identity fraud resulting from mail theft. If your locksmith business is located in a suburban area which has mail […]

  • Home Improvement Executive: Innovations in Mailboxes

    HardwareStoresLast week, we showed you the ad we prepared for Home Improvement Executive Magazine. This week, Home Improvement Executive Volume 24, No. 4 was released, featuring a special report on Innovations in Mailboxes. Prior to the June 27 publication, Editor Denise Day reached out to us to find out what is so special about Mail […]