Marketing Fun: Brag-a-licious Poster

2 years running Mail Boss wins the Golden Hammer – and we’re proud of it!

In 2008, Mail Boss won the Golden Hammer Communications award for B2C Advertising with the Mail Boss is Peace of Mind. Now, Mail Boss has won the 2009 Golden Hammer Communications Award for the Stop Mail Identity Theft POP marketing campaign.

So to tell everyone just how great we are at (1) generating consumer awareness on the prevalence of mail identity theft and the Mail Boss locking mailbox product superiority, and (2) supporting Mail Boss dealers at the retail point-of-purchase, we came up with this flashy new gigantic poster!

We plan to prominently display it at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas next week, and if other people seem to like it as much as we do (Isn’t it pretty?? Do you like it??? – comments and feedback welcome!!) we just may bring it to every tradeshow with us from now til the end of time.

Mail Boss Golden Hammer Award Winning Poster


  1. shannon_s on April 27, 2009 at 6:44 pm

    oooh, it is pretty! should be hard to miss at the NHS – looks about 8 ft tall!!

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