MailBoss Mailbox Winter Weather Updates

Happy Holidays from Stormy Seattle!

Last week, freezing temperatures and a snow storm brought 6-8″ in the Seattle area, causing many schools and businesses to close and drivers to stay off the roads. Just when the roads were starting to look better, a new storm front this past weekend brought an additional 8-12″ of snow to our area, causing major road closures and paralyzing a city that has not generally seen such heavy snowfall.


Although many Chicagoans and Minnesotans would likely scoff at the Emerald City’s response to such weather conditions, people here are struggling to make it to work, including many of us here at the Mail Boss. Epoch Design was in limited operation Thursday and Friday, as many of our employees were unable to make into work. There was no “Dealer of the Week” last Friday (we’ll make it up, we promise!) and many phonecalls went unanswered.

Today, FedEx Ground was unable to make it to pick up outgoing product orders. This Crazy Weather, compounded by the Holiday Mail Craziness, may cause delays in the delivery of the orders of some of our valued customers. If you have a question about your order, please feel free to Contact Us at (800) 589-7990 and we will do our best to help you. Happy Holidays to you and your family from everyone here at Mail Boss!

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