Mail thief tries and fails to pry open Mail Boss

Moves on to easier target

As more and more homeowners are switching to locking mailboxes, thieves are having a harder time finding easy pickings from unlocked mailboxes, and are resorting to burglarizing “secure” mailboxes with screwdrivers and crowbars.

The purpose of a locking mailbox is to provide enough deterrence to a mail thief that s/he moves onto another easier target.

Of course, no locking mailbox is 100% theft proof: With enough time and determination, you can pretty much break into anything. But the Mail Boss mailboxes have been designed to prevent easy prying and leveraged entry.

Unlike other locking mailboxes, which can be easily popped open with a screwdriver in seconds, the Mail Boss mailboxes feature a patented anti-pry latch locking system to provide extra security. The idea is that the thief will give up and move on to another mailbox.

Well, that sounds great in principle… and it sounds even better in reality! We have heard from dozens of customers who have found evidence that thieves have attempted (unsuccessfully) to get into their Mail Boss. Sometimes, their neighbors are victimized while the Mail Boss passes muster. We just heard one such story from Peter, who arranged a bulk Mail Boss purchase for his HOA.

Peter let us know that one of his friends noticed the very day after he installed his Mail Boss that there were pry marks on the mailbox. His mail was still secure, though, meanwhile all the other locking mailboxes on the street had been pried open. He shared this email:

hi jenny,

i thought i would share this follow-up;

one of my friends who bought the mailboss in our group-buy mentioned that the very day after he installed it, he noticed there were pry marks on the box.  i asked if they had managed to break into the mailboss.  he said he walked up to it, inserted his key, retrieved his mail, and locked the box again.  not only did the thieves not get his mail, the mailboss was still fully operational!

meanwhile, the other locking mailboxes on his street were all broken into.

i went over and took some photos of the damage, it’s hardly noticeable and will look good as new with some touch-up paint.

photos are here;


As you can see from the photos linked to above and posted below, there was some damage to the powder coat.


We recommended an application of a black Rustoleum paint to prevent rusting on any areas where the powder-coat finish is compromised. We are hopeful that Peter’s neighbor will get many many years of trusty service from his Mail Boss!

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