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Here you’ll find some news of mail theft across the nation, and comments from our staff regarding them. Is mail theft happening nearby you?

Police investigating mail theft throughout LaGrange, Troup Co.

By Olivia Gunn WTVM – 02/26/20

(LAGRANGE, GEORGIA) The LaGrange Police Department is investigating incidents of mail theft. Police began an investigation into theft of mail from several mailboxes on Lakeshore Drive, Piney Woods Drive, and Country Club Drive on Feb. 23. The investigation revealed 34-year-old Kimberly Towler, 18-year-old Dontes Delaney, 18-year-old Isacc Spradlin, and two juveniles had stolen mail and packages from multiple mailboxes.

A search of the suspects’ home recovered a large amount of stolen property dating back as far as August 2019. The property was stolen multiple residences throughout Troup County. The investigation is active. Residents who believe they are victims of mail theft are asked to contact the LaGrange Police Department or the Troup County Sheriff’s Office to report the incidents.

Comments: In another case of mail and property theft, the suspects stole said mail straight from the mail boxes of several neighborhood streets. Cute street names or not, upper and upper middle class neighborhoods often become the target for property theft crimes, mail theft and even burgarly. We can’t help but wonder what kind of mailboxes the resident victims had installed. Were they locking and supposedly ‘secure’ mailboxes?

Many locking mailbox manufacturers label their locking mailboxes as ‘high-security’. Most of them don’t back it up. There locking ‘security’ doors can be popped open in just seconds with simple hand tools, or even just hands! For an affordable, and yet security-focused locking mailbox, you can trust Mail Boss products to give you peace of mind!

Four suspects arrested in Old Shasta for mail theft

by Adam Robinson KRCR News – 02/27/20

(OLD SHASTA, CALIFORNIA) Redding and Shasta County officials have arrested four suspects who are suspected of stealing mail throughout Shasta County and Redding.

At 1 p.m. on Wednesday, officers with the Redding Police Department (RPD), agents from the Shasta Interagency Narcotics Task Force (SINTF), and Shasta County Probation Officers executed responded to the 15000 block of McComb Hill Road in Old Shasta in regards to a search warrant.RPD says the suspects living in a trailer on the property are suspected of stealing mail and checks throughout Shasta County and Redding. While serving the search warrant, Hunter Smith, 32, of Shasta, Jordan Trujillo, 30 of Shasta, Rafial Simon, 36 of Redding, and his wife Charisse Simon, 37 of Redding, were found inside the trailer and detained. 

Inside the trailer, officers found heroin, methamphetamine, stolen property including checks and car titles. Drug paraphernalia and items consistent with the sale of controlled substances were also found in the trailer. RPD says the evidence they found was consistent with theft of mail and forgery investigations, which are still ongoing.

Smith, Trujillo, and Rafial Simon were all transported to the Shasta County Jail. They were booked for possession of stolen property, possession of heroin for sales, possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, and maintaining a home where narcotics are used.

RPD says Charisse Simone was released due to a medical condition and charges are being sought through the Shasta County District Attorney’s Office regarding her actions. Officials say the US Postal Inspector has been included in the investigation and additional charged could be filed.

COMMENTS: Mail theft and identity theft often go hand in hand with other criminal activities, or even provide the monetary funding for them. These individuals were not only convicted of stealing mail, but were also found with heavy narcotics in their possession. This case seems like an excellent example of good police work.

Of course, it seems the best way to help prevent mail theft like this from occurring in the first place is to secure your incoming mail with the purchase and installation of a locking security mailbox. We might be biased, but we think the ones we make are pretty awesome.

Brazos County Sheriff’s Office warns mail theft on the rise

By Michael Oder KBTX – 02/28/20

(BRYAN, TEXAS) The Brazos County Sheriff’s Office says they are seeing an increase in mail theft reports in the county. Officials said that criminals will steal mail this time of year hoping to get your tax return or personal documents.

The sheriff’s office has some advice on how to protect yourself from mail thieves:

  • Promptly pick up your mail. Try not to leave letters and packages in your mailbox or at your door for any length of time.
  • Deposit your mail close to the pickup time. Deposit outgoing mail into USPS Blue Collection Boxes before the last collection or inside your local Post Office.
  • Inquire about overdue mail. If you do not receive a check, credit card, or other valuable mail you’re expecting, contact the sender as soon as possible and inquire about it.
  • Don’t send cash. Be careful about what you send. Don’t risk sending cash in the mail.
  • Arrange for prompt pickup. If you cannot be home to receive a package, make another arrangement or use the USPS Hold Mail Service.
  • Use Hold for Pickup. When shipping packages, use the Hold for Pickup option, and the recipients can collect the package at their local Post Office.
  • Purchase a locking mailbox or PO BOX. There are several consumer options for locking mailboxes which will prevent thieves from having easy access to your mail.

COMMENTS: Now in Brazos county we see yet another case of the police and authorities warning residents of mail theft. Police departments across our nation spend far too much time and resources looking into mail thefts that will never be solved.

This police department has announced and published suggested actions for it’s residents to take to help prevent mail theft. Purchasing a locking mailbox is on it, and wouldn’t you guess it – it’s the one we are most interested in touching on. We believe we are the best of aforementioned ‘consumer options’ for locking mailboxes. Plus, having a locking mailbox instead of a PO box is a whole lot more convenient. A Mail Boss locking security mailbox means less time spent driving to the local post office, less time inquiring with local police over lost packages, and less time worrying about spilt milk mail.

Mail thefts continue in Atherton – police urge residents to take precautions

by InMenlo – 03/01/20

In the early morning hours of March 1st, 2020 numerous mail thefts occurred in Atherton. The Atherton Police Department is warning residents to secure their mail.

Other cities in the county have also reported recent mail thefts. The offenders are likely targeting mailboxes in order to obtain checks and personal information that can be used for identity theft.

Atherton Police is actively investigating these thefts and will notify the United States Postal Inspector Service.

Take these precautions:

  • Use a mailbox that can be secured with a locking device
  • Collect mail daily
  • Deposit outgoing mail at a post office
  • Pick up checks in person.

Residents can also place a hold on mail deliveries when leaving for vacation and are encouraged not to leave mail in their mailbox overnight.

Mail theft victims can report identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission and freeze their credit by contacting a major credit bureau such as Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

COMMENTS: Residents of Menlo and Atherton should be on the lookout for further mail thefts, even more so as the criminals in this case have yet to be caught. As the Atherton police suggested, residents should make sure to collect their mail daily, and deposit their outgoing mail at the post office or a secure drop box.

We must point out that most locking mailboxes can be broken into in a matter of seconds with a flat head screwdriver. While any locking mailbox might suggest the notion of security, only mailboxes with patented high-security locking features and heavy-duty construction can be trusted to handle your valuable mail and keep your identity safe against prying thieves.

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