Mail Theft Continues to Grow… We Can’t Keep Up!

Back in 2006 when we launched the original curbside Mail Boss, you  hardly ever heard about mail thefts in the news. It used to be that every once in a while we would find a really relevant news story about mail-identity theft, and publish here to help consumers realize the importance of a locking mailbox.

Now, it seems mail theft is happening all over the country every day, and – for some time – the media has been giving these stories the attention they deserve. This is great for Americans who need to be made aware of the risk of not using a locking mailbox, but bad for us… with so many news stories to choose from we find it hard to keep the blog posts coming without leaving some out.

So, at first we started grouping a bunch of related mail theft news stories together in one article. For example:

Then, we started publishing all the mail theft news stories from the previous week each Monday.

Now, we publish all the mail theft from the previous month in a collection of curated of mail-identity theft news stories. The last 3-months:

This November, as we are working through all of the mail-identity thefts stories and reports of mail thief arrests and stolen mail, it seems this may not be something that is sustainable going forward. There are just so many reports every single month!

We still want to share the prevalence of mail-identity theft, but it just may not be feasible to link to every major story. Only time will tell…

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