Mail Manager Testimonial: Lock Withstands Vandalism

Gregg in Ripon, CA called us this week explaining that the lock of his Mail Manager locking mailbox was damaged in an attempted burglary. The lock was no longer functioning properly so he had to drill it out and required a new lock. Replacement locks are available on our website under Mailbox Accessories, but since Gregg has been having such a rough time with the mail thieves in the area, we sent him out a replacement lock for free.

To say thank you, he shared this Mail Manager Testimonial that we’re now sharing here:

Hi Mail Boss,

Just wanted to thank you for your help with my mailbox problem. Prior to buying our Mail Manager mailbox at Lowe’s, our mail box had been broken into and our mail stolen. Since I bought your Mail Boss box our mail has been secure.

Recently someone tried to break into our mailbox, and ruined the lock while trying. But our mail was still safely inside. As a matter of fact it took me 45 min and a power drill to get the box opened.  And I really appreciate how quickly you sent out a new lock.

Thanks for a great product and support.

Gregg O.

We are always happy to help out a loyal customer in need. We hope the mail thieves find another mailbox to pick on in the future!

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