Mail Manager Delivers Peace of Mind

We recently heard from Ken, who – along with his neighbors – purchased a Mail Manager to protect against mail thefts in the area. He reports reduced stress levels after having installed them, and sent us an email to say thanks:

Hi Sara,

I ordered three Mail Manager mailboxes, one for myself, and one for the neighbors on each side of us.  The installation of the mailboxes went well, and they work and look great!

I’m sure we’ll enjoy these mailboxes for years, and they’ve already reduced the stress level concerning our mail.  I was watching for it daily, as we’ve had mail taken in our area.

I appreciate your immediate delivery, your excellent customer service, and look forward to working with you in the future.

Thank you,

Ken H.

Well, the whole idea with Mail Boss locking mailboxes is… It’s the last mailbox you’ll ever buy… So we do not look forward to working with Ken in the future! But we appreciate his note, all the same 🙂

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