Mail-Identity Theft: September 2013

Mail-Identity Theft News Article | Quote of the Month:

“An early morning search of a dilapidated Panorama City home that police and residents say had become a hangout for methamphetamine users led to three arrests after investigators discovered stolen mail, evidence of identity theft and what officers say was one of the largest rocks of meth any of them had ever seen.”

-From Los Angeles Daily News

Sept. 3:

Sept. 4:

Sept. 5:

Sept. 6:

Sept. 7:

Sept. 9:


Sept. 10:

Alphonso Guice, 35, surrendered under a federal indictment on charges relating to the Social Security checks, including theft of mail.

Sept. 11:

Erik Gonzales

Antonio Michael Alvarez Photo/Riverside County Sheriff's Dept.

Sept. 12:

Sept. 13:

Sept. 15:

Sept. 16:

Sept. 18:

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Sept. 20:

Sept. 23:

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Sept. 27:

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