Stolen Mail a Leading Cause of ID Theft

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States for the past 10 years, and affects over 10 million Americans each year. Mail theft is a common way that identity thieves can steal your identity, and the 60 million unlocked mailboxes in the US offer a treasure trove of opportunity for would-be identity thieves. Victims of mail theft often do not realize they have been victimized until their credit record and good name is ruined. Remedying the outcomes of fraud and identity theft requires thousands of dollars and hours of your time. This section provides information about the prevalence of mail and identity theft, and the precautions you can take to protect yourself and your name.

Identity Theft on the Rise


Did You Know?

  • More than 1 in 20 Americans are victims of ID theft each year
  • ID theft is the fastest growing crime in the nation
  • Only 35% of ID theft victims know how their info was compromised
  • The majority of known ID theft is perpetuated via low-tech methods: stolen wallets, stolen mail and stolen trash.
  • Mail theft is highly under-reported because most people don’t realize when their mail has been stolen

Mail-Identity Theft Maps

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icons mail stolen Mail stolen
icons mailbox bulgarized 1 Mailbox burglary
icons mail theft warning Mail theft warning
icons mail theft arrest 1 Mail-ID theft arrest

December 2015 thru January 2016

Mail Identity Theft & Consumer Information

  • Mail-Identity Theft: January 2016

    January2016FeaturedMailThievesMail thieves plague nation, even after the holidays Typically, December is the worst month for mail theft, as thieves are targeting mailboxes to steal checks and gift cards from the mail. However, mail thieves have not slowed down this January and are out in full force stealing from unlocked mailboxes and low-security locking mailboxes alike, […]

  • Oasis Jr Mailboxes Pried Open in Anchorage

    MailboxBurglaryAccording to this report from KTUU, residents in South Anchorage say mail theft has been happening since November, and it’s only getting worse: image source. These aren’t your typical mail thefts, though. Mailboxes are being pried open regularly. Apparently, 50 plus mailboxes on one street are getting broken into! Resident Rodger Nelson points out one […]

  • Holiday Mail-ID Theft: December 2015

    MailIDTheftDecember is always a bad month for mail theft. One of the joys of the holiday season… as thieves are on the prowl for gift cards and easy pickings in mailboxes. This year was no exception. Take a look at this map, which summarizes all the mail-identity theft news from December in the US. You […]

  • Oasis Jr Mailboxes Targeted in Recent Mailbox Burglaries

    OasisMailboxesBurglarizedUpdated Dec. 15 Consumers across the nation are becoming aware of the stolen mail-identity theft connection and purchasing locking mailboxes for protection. While many people may think that simply having a locked mailbox is a sufficient deterrent to mail thieves, increasingly that is not the case. The fact is most locking mailboxes can be easily […]

  • How to Stop Holiday Package Theft

    HowToMore and more consumers are doing their holiday shopping online. This is convenient for those who would rather avoid the hustle and bustle of the shopping centers; but thieves are also taking advantage of this trend, stealing packages off of porches at an alarming rate. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to protect […]

  • Mail-Identity Theft: November 2015

    MailIDTheftThis month. mail thieves have been quite busy. They target unlocked mailboxes or pry open low quality locking mailboxes to get sensitive information for identity theft. These crimes tend to peak in November and December, and also during tax season. To protect yourself, use a secure locking mailbox and never send checks or bill payments from […]

  • Oasis Jr Mailboxes Pried Open in Jefferson County, CO

    OasisJeffersonCoPriedIn Jefferson County Colorado, many residents have learned the hard way that simply having a locking mailbox is not enough to keep mail thieves at bay. Their “secure” mailboxes were busted open and the contents stolen for fraud. (Read the full story on CBS Denver here.) No longer is any old mailbox with a lock […]

  • Mail-Identity Theft: October 2015

    MailIDTheftHere is a curated selection of news reports of stolen mail and mail-related identity theft from October 2015 in the United States. Stolen mail continues to be a leading cause of ID theft. To protect yourself, (1) use a locking security mailbox, (2) never send checks or bill payments in the mailbox, and (3) always […]

  • Infographic: ID Thieves Heart College Students

    CollegeIDTheftInfographicAs any reader of our blog will know, we often discuss the rising risks of identity theft and how you can better protect yourself and your family. So when the team over at Mailbox Big Box sent us over this infographic highlighting the trend of identity thieves targeting college students, we figured we ought to […]

  • Mail-Identity Theft: September 2015

    MailIDTheftStolen mail is a leading cause of identity theft across the nation. Prevention is key to identity theft protection, and the first defense is a secure locking mailbox. Here is a round-up of the mail-identity theft news stories from across the nation in September 2015. Sept. 1: ELK GROVE, California: Central Valley Business Times – Elk Grove […]