Mail Identity Theft – November 2014

Oh boy, the mail thieves have been busy this month, especially in the last couple of weeks. This time of year is when people start sending checks, gift cards, and other goodies in the mail, so crooks are on the prowl. Be sure to lock up your mailbox and take precautions when sending gifts through the mail. Remember, using a secure mailbox is important year round; it’s a total bummer if your Christmas cards get taken, but if your credit card information or other sensitive personal info falls into the wrong hands, you could become a victim of identity theft… and that can follow you are year long!

Nov. 2:

Nov. 3:

Nov. 4:

Nov. 5: 

Christopher Lee Adams

Nov. 6:

Nov. 7: 


Nov. 9:

Nov. 10:

Police: Four Arrested in Tri-Valley for Mail Theft, Car Burglary

Nov. 12:

Kristine Turner, 30

Nov. 14:

Nov. 15:

Mailbox Investigation.jpeg

Nov. 16:

IrwindaleSalisburyMailboxesPriedOpenNov. 17:

Security camera footage shows a suspect stealing personal information in an unsecured mail room.


Nov. 18:

Rural mail carrier Janice Duffy with the United States Postal Service leaves the Durango Post Office on her route. Residents are encouraged to take precautions to protect incoming and outgoing mail from thieves, who are particularly active during the holidays.

Nov. 19:

ID thief

Surveillance photo of a vehicle belonging to suspects in a package theft at a home on the 48000 block of Sauvignon Court on Nov. 11, 2014. The vehicle is described as a 2004 dark blue Jeep Grand Cherokee, California license plate no. 6PLZ076. (Fremont Police Department)


Nov. 20:

Camareno, Thalia Diaz

Nov. 21:

Holts Summit PD, after receiving a call from a resident Thursday, located several shipping boxes and mailers that belonged to victims of the recent theft. The packages were discarded in the grass in a Holts Summit subdivision.

Nov. 22:

Nov. 23:

Nov. 24:

Nov. 25:

Nov. 26:

Police found credit cards and a driver's license among mail recovered in the arrest of a suspect in July 2014. Courtesy Decatur Police Dept.

  • SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, California: KSBY – Two women wanted for mail theft in Santa Barbara County

Nov. 27:

Nov. 28:

 Nov. 29:


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    I bet the guy driving the deceased man’s suv in Fremont, is a relative.

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