Mail Identity Theft – December 2013

The holidays are always a prime time for mail and package theft, with thieves trying to nab all the gift cards and goodies in the mail. December was a very busy month for mail-identity theft crime. So busy, in fact, it has taken us until February to curate all of these stories below:

Dec. 1:

Dec. 3:

Dec. 4:

Dec. 5:


Dec. 6:

Dec. 7:

Dec. 8:

Dec. 9:

Dec. 10:

Dec. 11:

Residents who live on Manatee Court woke to find their mail scattered along the street Wednesday morning. (FOX5)

Dec. 12:

Dec. 13:

Dec. 14:

Dec. 15:

Dec. 16:

Dec. 17:


Niquon Antwan Alson, Source: Conway Police

Stolen mail found in Bremerton

Kristen Pearson mug shot.

Dec. 18:

Scrooge Alert: Someone's stealing mail in Nampa

stolen goods

Dec. 19:

Rex Tuggle, Andrea Ballard, Christina Burge and Kyle Hunter are in jail after officials say drugs and money were exchanged for stolen mail.

Brown, Crystal Renee (Johnson)2

Top Photo

Dec. 20:

Dec. 21:

  • WATERFORD, Connecticut: Waterford Patch – The Grinch That Stole Christmas In Waterford: Thieves are raiding mail boxes looking for holiday cards that may contain money.
  • PLYMOUTH, Pennsylvania: Plymouth police warn residents of mail thefts

Dec. 23:

Dec. 24:

Dec. 25:

Dec. 26:

Dec. 27:

Dec. 28:

Dec. 30:

Dec. 31:

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