Mail Boss Testimonial from Michael

Here’s another testimonial from a Mail Boss customer who was impressed with the quality construction after his mailbox was hit by a car.

Michael from Waxhaw North Carolina writes:

“Good Afternoon,

I bought a mailboss after someone brought me mail they found of mine over a mile away on a path in a park.  Apparently it had been stolen from my regular mailbox and discarded on the walking path.  We get a lot of checks mailed to us so I knew I needed to do something to protect us from theft.

I got a call today from a friend who was passing by my place of business where I installed a mailboss.

They wanted to let me know that my mailboss had been involved in a car crash.  I just wanted to forward you the pics as a testament to how great the box and lock works.

Attached is a picture of my mailboss after the crash.

Great and safe construction!”

And here is the photo that he shared:


As is typical, the Mail Boss separated from the Fast-Trak Mounting Plate on impact, and the mounting plate was mangled. The post was totally destroyed. Also, the lower corner of the Mail Boss shows damage to the powder coating. But most importantly, the box itself is still functional and secure.

We are going to send Michael a new Fast-Trak Mounting Plate (good trade for this picture!) and recommend an application of Rustoleum black paint to fix up the powder-coat damage. We expect the Mail Boss will be looking right as rain in no time!

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