Mail Boss Survives Snow Plow Impact

“Any other mailbox would have been toast”

The Mail Boss mailboxes have survived being struck by cars, trucks, and trailers, but this is the first we have seen (with photo proof!) a Mail Boss withstand impact from a snow plow.

Mailbox hit by Snow Plow Mail Boss Mailbox hit by Snow PlowWally from Wisconsin writes:

“I reside in Wisconsin where the winters are harsh and snow plowing of the roads is a fact of life for five months of the year.  The other day a snow plow hit my Mail Boss mail box and in ground post.  The mounting plate was bent but the mail box itself survived with just a dent and the post was dented / scratched.  Any other mail box and post would have been toast if they took a hit like that.  Thanks for making such a good product it was well worth the price and I expect to have it for many years to come.”

The reason the Mail Boss mailbox is virtually indestructible on impact is because of the innovative Fast-Trak Mounting Design. (More information on that here.)

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