Mail Boss Sales on the Rise – Here’s Why!

Four societal factors explain tremendous demand for locking mailboxes – Making lemonade from lemons

When we first started marketing our Mail Boss security locking mailbox products several years ago, there were specific areas in the country where the demand was very high. Certain states — Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, and Nevada, for example — already had a serious and known problem with mail related identity theft.

Then, starting a couple years ago, I noticed increasing Mail Boss orders from states in which we had little demand before. Locking mailbox purchases from states such as Maryland, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Kansas, Michigan, Indiana, and more started becoming more common.

Now, in 2009, we are sending Mail Boss orders to almost every state in the union on a daily basis, either to individual homes or to hardware retail Mail Boss dealers that distribute our security mailbox products.

What explains this trend? I think there are FOUR FACTORS at work here:

1. Identity theft is on the rise… still.

In fact, the 2008 study by Javelin Strategy & Research indicates that identity theft increased 22% in 2008 over 2007. (For more info, click here).

2. Studies show ID theft is perpetuated by low-tech methods.

Recent reports indicate that most identity theft crimes are taking place the old fashion way. Stolen wallets, mail theft, dumpster diving, etc. account for the majority of identity theft crimes, while cyber high-tech methods account for only a fraction of incidents. (Learn more here and here).

3. Consumers are starting to get the paper shredder / locking mailbox connection…

From my perspective, more and more people are understanding the fact that computer security and paper shredders do not add up to identity theft protection. As I always say, you need to first receive your sensitive mail in order to shred it. Without a high security locking mailbox such as the Mail Boss, you cannot protect this sensitive mail.

4. When the economy is in the dumps, Security sells.

There is no doubt that the present economy is a huge factor driving sales for security products. People who have anything to protect—even a Social Security check—are now working to keep their property out of the wrong hands.

That’s not such great news for American society! Identity theft is on the rise. We have to take measures – such as the use of a locking mailbox – that were unnecessary in the past. And everyone is more hardpressed economically in a time where security and protection are needed more than ever. That’s a lot of lemons. Now for the lemonade…

The good news in all of this is that when we finally work our way out of this unprecedented downturn in the economy, many people will have the right security products to keep themselves — their family, property, identity, etc. — safe and secure.

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