Mail Boss Package Master: How It Works

Many people have asked us how we have a commercial locking mailbox that can accept packages, but doesn’t allow you to reach your arm in to steal mail and parcels. Well it’s not easy to explain, so we thought it’d be best to show you how our revolutionary patent-pending Mail Shield technology works on video.

Presenting the Mail Boss Package Master locking mailbox, for your enjoyment:

Mail Boss Package Master: How It Works – Take 1

Mail Boss Package Master: How It Works – Take 2

From the YouTube Description: This short video showcases the patent-pending “Mail Shield” technology that makes the new Mail Boss Package Master locking mailbox so revolutionary. The new Package Master by Epoch Design can receive small packages and parcels yet still securely stores mail, unlike other “bin-mailers” that can be easily fished by hand. How does it work? See for yourself!


  1. Debra F on February 6, 2021 at 9:17 am

    Bought & love it, got my first delivery yesterday! Did install on horizontal metal pipe with other rural mailboxes. Took 2nd trip to hardware store because I thought simple u bolt would work. What works to attach to pipe is two 2″ heavy duty exhaust clamps. They will clamp down on pipe and quick install plate, and secure box so it will not rock forward or backward. Lost car tabs mailed to mailbox last month so researched to find the best box. Trolls will have to go elsewhere now. Thanks for a great product!

    • Gabriel w/ MailBoss on February 10, 2021 at 4:25 pm

      We love the idea of using heavy-duty exhaust clamps to mount the box! Send us a picture of your install: or tag us on Instagram: @mailboss
      Thank you for your business.

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