Mail Boss Package Master Endorsement

This just in… our first customer testimonial for the new Mail Boss Package Master locking mailbox:

I received my Mail Boss Package Master last week. I am a very happy with this well made product. The design was thought through in every aspect. First of all the post for the Mail Boss itself is near indestructible if it is put into cement. Then the quick connect design on the post and the Mail Boss Package Master makes installation a snap.

Every aspect of the Mail Boss Package Master itself was implemented well. The actual metal itself was very heavy duty. All of the joints and hinges were of the highest quality and moved freely as they should.

Although the Mail Boss Package Pro itself is fairly waterproof, the team at Mail Boss even thought things through enough to put drainage holes in the bottom in case someone poured water into the Mail Boss (looking at the thing someone would pretty much have to do it on purpose to get any liquid in there).

As a person who has designed new technologies and products for the last twenty five plus years I always look at the packaging and how the products ships to the customer. The Mail Boss team thought of every little detail. The packaging included a bit for my drill, reflective lettering for the street address for all three sides of the Mail Boss, and mounting screws for the post. They thought of everything! This was one of the best product experiences I have had in a very very long time.

Thanks for making such a great product!

Ron McCabe
Portland, Oregon

The Mail Boss Package Master locking mailboxes are now available online in Black, and will be available in bronze, galaxy, white and granite in less than two weeks! Thanks, everyone, for your patience!

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