Mail Boss “so much better than SOLAR GROUP” Mailsafe

You know what they say about opinions? They’re just like… belly buttons! Everyone has one.

Well, we happen to agree with Stephen’s opinion that the Mail Boss is so much better than the Mail Safe.

MailBossVsMailSafeHe sent us an email saying:

“I just purchased and installed a Mail Boss 7106 and love it!  Fantastic mailbox and so much better than the Solar Group RSKB0000 we had for a few years previously (the hinges on the locking door broke through normal use, prompting us to want a more durable replacement).”

This isn’t the first time we’ve received this kind of note; one woman with a Mail “Safe” told us that after losing the keys, she had her son retrieve the mail every day by reaching into the incoming mail slot.

Mailsafe, a locking mailbox by Solar Group (a division of Gibraltar), is one of the most popular locking mailboxes in the country. This is likely in part due to its affordable price point (under $100) and in part due to its mass availability in big-box retailers. That said, it is not a “secure” mailbox by our standards. In fact, it can be easily fished and the door can be pried open, not only with a screwdriver but also by hand. (See mailboss competitor mailboxes for details).

This serves as a reminder that, especially given the increased prevalence of mail theft from locking mailboxes by fishing or prying, choosing a high-quality locking mailbox is an investment in peace of mind.

A quality locking mailbox should be made of strong and durable materials, and be designed to prevent fishing and leveraged entry with a screwdriver.

MailsafeTM is a registered trademark of Gibraltar Mailboxes by the Solar Group Inc.

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