Mail Boss Mentioned in Home Improvement Podcast

Here at Mail Boss we are very happy and honored to have been mentioned by Jacy Elsesser in one of his recent podcast about mailboxes!

“Top rated mailboxes and for home centers, Mail Boss. Also top rated locking security mailboxes”. This podcast covers general USPS regulations and basic knowledge on setting up for a new mailbox.

Elsesser, after years of remodeling homes and helping customers at his local hardware stores, he decided to share skills that every homeowner should have, with products you can get at your local hardware store.

FIX IT Home Improvement Channel also covers projects, tips and reviews of products for home and garden. You can find more of his DIY home repair projects and products on his Youtube channel:

Thank you, Jacy for mentioning us!



  1. John on June 21, 2019 at 4:15 pm

    My mail box has been properly installed and maintained for 39 years. I am on a rural route. Today i got a notice from the post office that I have to move my mailbox because my rural mail carrier has retired and his new replacement is afraid they will have an accident. By the way the letter they put in my mail box did not have a stamp on it. Mail boxes along our road have been batted around with baseball bats, and currently the mailbox across the road is missing the front door. Why not give driver trainning to the new mail carrier. By the way my father was a rural mail carrier. Thanks for your comments.

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