Mail Boss Mailbox – 1; Nissan Xterra – 0

Bill’s Mail Boss mailbox was hit by a Nissan Xterra and reports that his Mail Boss came out on top:

Mail Boss Mailbox – 1; Nissan Xterra – 0

While he did need a new Fast-Trak Mounting Plate (which we happily sent him in exchange for this story), the vehicle suffered a much greater beating from impact with the Mail Boss.

Bill’s story, along with photographs, are below:

“My Mail Boss mailbox is on the outside curve of a very heavily traveled cut through.  It was hit the other night and I awoke to find it the middle of my driveway still attached to the post.  It had been in 180 lbs of concrete on a 4 x 4 post.  The Mounting Plate was bent beyond use but a call to Mail Boss and they sent another for the cost of shipping.  Great company!

A few days later the 17 year old driver showed up and made restitution.  Her car was travelling over 35 mph when she ran off the road and hit the box.  Mailbox continues to work perfectly.  Great product!  Love the mailbox!”




If you think Bill’s story is a fluke, just check out the Mail Boss testimonials and you will find dozens of other tales of Mail Boss survival. The reason is that the Fast-Trak Mounting Plate makes these mailboxes virtually indestructible: Upon impact, the bolts sheer off the plate, effectively dislodging the mailbox.


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