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When one North Seattle man was fed up with having his mail stolen, he organized a group of neighbors and orchestrated a bulk purchase of the Mail Manager locking security mailbox. Joel Moreno, KOMO News 4 reporter, caught wind of this and investigated. The KOMO 4 News team then reported on how other communities can take proactive measures to prevent ongoing mail thefts. The story, featuring Mail Boss mailboxes by Epoch Design, aired live on KOMO news:

The original report, which can be viewed on KOMO here, is reprinted below for your convenience.

SEATTLE — Mail thieves are on notice in the Haller Lake area, where neighbors found a way to get a deal from a local company that makes locking mailboxes.

North Seattle neighbors fight mail theft with discount deal

Steve Warren was especially fed up with the criminal activity, and led the charge to buy locking mailboxes at a discounted rate.

Warren once had a run-of-the mill locking mailbox installed, but even that failed when he left his house for a couple of days.

“And in that time, I got a call from a neighbor that the box had been broken into,” Warren said.

Warren had enough, so he rallied dozens of his neighbors struggling with the same problem and turned to Epoch Design, a Redmond company offering reduced prices for bulk orders.

Epoch Design builds the Mail Boss, which is made from tempered steel. The company says it’s designed to withstand break-ins, unlike other brands that can be pried open in seconds with a screwdriver.

Epoch Design owner David Bolles said that won’t happen with the Mail Boss.

“We’ve patented a design that’s got a backer bar on it and a pin underneath so that entire system, when it’s engaged, binds up when you try to pry the door open,” Bolles said.

The company also offers lower rates for neighborhoods that come together to place orders of 30 units or more.

“We’re more than happy to facilitate a better buy for them, and sell it to them out of our warehouse,” Bolles said.

Warren was sold, and got neighbors to sign on for the discounted price. They loaded up at the Redmond warehouse and delivered the goods themselves back in Seattle.

“Anyone can do this, it is so simple,” Warren said. “You can get a special discount on it and make your neighborhood that much safer.”

The Mail Boss retails for up to $130 or more.*** Neighborhoods are eligible for up to a 40 percent discount, depending on the quantity ordered.

***One note: The Mail Boss actually retails for $169-$189. The news story is referencing the Mail Manager, which retails inline for $99-$130.

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