Mail Boss in Best Life Magazine

“Fraud Alert: Guard your mail, telephone, and computer to help prevent identity theft”

Best Life Illustration by James Victore
Identity theft can happen to anyone, but there are certain steps one can take to decrease the likelihood of becoming a victim. Jay Foley, an activist who runs the Identity Theft Resource Center, shares his expert advice with Best Life Magazine.

First on his list for protecting yourself: Lock your mailbox. And expert Foley recommends the Mail Boss locking security mailbox.

“If an identity thief accesses your credit card or bank statements, he might be able to change your address and start receiving your mail at his address. But he can’t steal what he can’t get his hands on. Mail Boss’s virtually impenetrable locking mailboxes are made from galvanized steel and feature antipick locks.”

To prevent identity theft, Foley advocates:

  1. Lock your mailbox.
  2. Encrypt your documents.
  3. Watch your back at work.
  4. Avoid phone scams.
  5. Upgrade your passwords.

To learn more, check out the June/July 2008 issue of Best Life (pg. 88) or learn more here at Best Life Online.


  1. Tim on June 20, 2008 at 1:11 pm

    Poor guy’s wife had her identity stolen at work? Now that is one place I’d last expect it!

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