Mail Boss in Holiday Gift Guide: What to Buy Women

As we shared earlier this month, Mail Boss was featured in a Holiday Gift Guide on What to Buy Men. Turns out, Mail Boss makes a pretty neat gift for women too, at least according to Kayla over at I Heart Giveaways:

HolidayGiftGuide_WomenShe writes:

No matter their gender, anyone who regularly gets mail could use a safe mail box. For one, you help the recipient’s mailbox be safer. Who wants their entire mailbox to be destroyed by some rowdy teenagers – or a driver who hits it in the winter ice? For another, with bad economic times, you never know who is scavenging through your mail. The holiday season (and then tax-season in the Spring) are huge times for mail theft – and it’s not going to be fun for your gift recipient if all of their holiday cards and gifts go missing because they give off the “obvious” look of a holiday gift. (And c’mon, holiday cards always look like holiday cards which is why they get us so excited!) So think of your gift recipient’s personal safety (help prevent identity theft!) as well as their future mail safety by getting them a Mail Boss mailbox. (Plus, if you happen to be gifting for one of those “I only want practical gifts” kind of guy, this is PERFECT) You can read my Mail Boss Mailbox review as well as go straight to the Mail Boss website to buy one for that special person in your life.

To check out the full Gift Guide, go here.

Also, stay tuned for upcoming giveaway announcements, as Kayla will be giving away a Mail Boss to one lucky winner in the coming weeks!

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