Mail Boss Hailed “T-Rex of Mail Boxes”

“Money Saving Tech Tips & Philosophic Musings” blog praises MailBoss locking mailbox

As I was reviewing inbound links to the site a few days ago, I found a really cool post in the blogosphere that I would like to share with our readers. One blogger who goes by the name of “ibdragon” decided to feature our MailBoss on his weblog Money Saving Tech Tips & Philosophic Musings.

The article is called “The T-Rex of Mail Boxes” and is reprinted here for your enjoyment! Thanks, ibdragon☺

If you by chance live in a rural area, you may find your mail box in a tangled heap on occasion. This is due to the retro habit of mail box baseball where the perpetrator leans out a window and waffles your mail box with a baseball bat. In our area we have had idiots with soda bottle bombs destroying mail boxes. The sad truth is that every generation has it’s idiots, one often wonders if there is an idiot gene, but I digress.

I don’t know if this mail box will defeat idiots but it will definitely help to decrease the idiocy. The thing is built like a tank. I particularly like the video on their web site ( that shows a truck rolling over the mail boss box with out destroying it. So if you need the Fort Knox of mail boxes, this baby may be what you should get. I have no financial connection with Mail Boss and this was not a paid blog. This may or may not fit into tech tips but I thought it was a pretty darn cool mail box.


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