Gang Plank Installation

For Mounting more than 4 MailBoss Mailboxes, use a Gang Plank!

When you need to mount more than 4 MailBoss locking mailboxes in a line, you have two options: (1) You can order additional MailBoss posts and spreader bars; or (2) You can mount these additional security mailboxes on a gang plank.

A gang plank is a level wooden structure that should be strong enough support, secure and protect as many mailboxes as can fit on its surface length. Many people attach roofs to these gang planks to minimize the impact of various environmental conditions on the surfaces of their mailboxes and the gang plank.

Mail Boss Gang Plank InstallationIf you choose to build a gang plank, make sure you consider the USPS height and distance requirements from road surface. (For more on these requirements, click here). Mounting the Mail Boss security locking mailbox on a gang plank is very simple thanks to the patent-pending Fast-TrakTM Mounting Plate. This innovative feature does not require you to work within the confines of the box during the installation process. Everything you need is included with the purchase of our mailbox (reflective numbers, drill bit and lag screws).

The basic installation steps include:

  • Simply remove our patent-pending mounting plate from the mailbox via 2 machine screws on the inside of the lower front door.
  • Set the mounting plate on the plank in the desired location. (We suggest using the holes with the greatest distance from each other without going to close to the edge of the wood.)
  • Mark where you want the holes to be with a pencil, and then pre-drill these holes with the drill bit provided.
  • Put the mounting plate into position and tighten the lag bolts provided.
  • Slide your mailbox onto the mounting plate and secure it behind the lower front door with the 2 stainles steel machine screws.

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