Mail Boss Anecdote from Seattle, WA

Leyh T.P.’s MailBoss survives a hit and run, neighbors not so lucky

Many months ago now, my mailbox (your Mail Boss) along with two of my neighbors’ mailboxes were victims of a hit and run. The neighbors’ mailboxes were demolished but mine was fine except the little red flag broke.

When I spoke to your rep I mentioned the neighbor had taken photos for the police and I promised to try and get the neighbor to forward those to you, but alas they were no longer available.

Anyway, you sent me a replacement flag free of charge, and I don’t think I ever properly thanked you – I’ve been waiting on my neighbor to come up with the pics.

In any event, I sing the praises of your mailbox to everyone I know—I can’t tell you what security and peace of mind it’s brought to me knowing we can’t have our mail stolen anymore—and in a metal to metal clash with a moving vehicle the mailbox won! So sorry about the pics – thanks again for the flag – and I am your customer for life!


Leyh T.P.
Seattle, WA
Mail Boss Testimonial Letter

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