“Love My Mail Boss” Testimonial on Facebook

Everyone wants to be loved, and we’re no different. That’s why we were just tickled when Jason left us a love letter on our Facebook page!

Okay, okay… it wasn’t really a love letter, but he did say “I love my Mail Boss so much”… It was a pretty fabulous Mail Boss testimonial.


Anyway, in his own words:

I love my Mail Boss so much I’m getting one for my vacation home. That way no one, not even the mail man knows that there is no one collecting the mail on a daily basis. This mail box offers security, durability, and my personal favorite curb appeal. It is NOT the cheapest mail box on the market by far. However, I’m pretty sure anyone interested in purchasing this mail box isn’t looking for a cheap product that won’t serve its purpose. If you get this product you can be a 100% assured you are getting what you pay for… Hope this post helps all the people out there that are as skeptical as myself.

And then:

I wish more companies made great products. To be honest I’m rather tired of writing bad reviews. It was a honor to help out a great company. Keep up the good work and I assure you you will always have my family, friends, and myself as a customer for life…

This really couldn’t make us happier. We are a small family business and our mission is to provide exceptionally secure products with exceptional customer service. We don’t have a huge marketing and advertising budget like some of our competitors, so if we can earn customers for life who will tell their friends and family about our products, we win.

(We’ll mark this one down as a win for Mail Boss!)

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