“Locking Mailboxes Are Not Secure Mailboxes”

Customer thankful that Mail Manager is more secure than other locking mailboxesThankYou

Happy Mail Boss customer Pat emailed us to say that locking mailboxes are not secure mailboxes, and give thanks for the secure Mail Manager product and excellent customer service. After purchasing a lower quality locking mailbox, she did her research and decided to go with the Mail Manager. She explains:

“… I’ve had theft out of a locking mailbox that I ended up changing the lock on (which was more than the mailbox) only to discover that I could stick my hand and arm all the way up to my elbow into the mailbox and get the mail out. No key required. So… who needed that! For my peace of mind, I researched and found yours.

Thank you to whoever figured out that locking mailboxes are NOT secure mailboxes and fixed the problem. I will be able to breathe now. Also, your customer service is AWESOME!!! Thank you again.”

You are very welcome, Pat! We hope your Mail Manager gives you many years of mail security and peace of mind!

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