Just for Fun – Happy 4th from Mail Boss

Beware of mailbox vandals and think of Mail Boss come Monday!

Mailbox Fireworks
We hope everyone has a safe and fun Independence Day Holiday. Just remember, if you happen to be victims of a July 4th prank and your mailbox needs replacement come Monday, don’t replace it with another tin shoebox on the side of the road. Prevent mail theft, identity theft and mailbox vandalism with a Mail Boss locking mailbox.

One more thing to look forward to after the holiday… we happen to have procured some fireworks and we plan to test the ability of our Mail Boss locking mailbox to withstand an M-80. Video and post to come!

That’s all! Happy 4th:)


  1. Glenn Harvey on September 29, 2017 at 1:04 pm

    Your web page has a page ( https://www.mailboss.com/blog/just-for-fun-happy-4th-from-mail-boss/ ) that said you were going to test an M-80 inside a Mailboss and post a video of the result. Did you do that and is there a video I can view. Here in Marysville, we are having some issues in the community with mailboxes being damaged/destroyed by fireworks. I have a Mailboss and just want to know if it will be safe, or if you have any kind of kit to protect against that kind of attack (perhaps something that allows the user to secure the mail delivery door during the evening hours). Thanks

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