Judy Replaces Burglarized Mailbox with #BetterByBoss

Oasis Jr mailboxes pried open in Studio City, neighbors rally with BetterByBoss

Judy and her neighbors in Studio City, California, bought locking mailboxes to help prevent mail theft. Unfortunately, a thief was open to pry open these locking mailboxes and steal their mail.

The sad reality is that most locking mailboxes take only a second to pry open with a household screwdriver. While the Mail Boss mailboxes are not theft proof, they have a well designed patented locking system to help prevent leveraged entry.

Jan has reached out to us with her story, and to take advantage of the #BetterByBoss offer to replace her burglarized Oasis Jr mailbox with a more secure Mail Boss Curbside.

In her own words:

“My mail was stolen along with four other boxes right next to mine. My mailbox is right next to [my neighbor’s] and it received the same screwdriver treatment. […]

They bent the hasp enough to pry the door open.  It’s just barely holding it closed now.  All you have to do is pull on it with your fingers and it opens.

[…] So it’s obviously time for a new and better box. I have included three photos.”

Here are the photos she shared:


So just what is the BetterByBoss offer? It’s a promotion we have created to help victims of mailbox prying replace their burglarized mailbox with a Better (by Boss) mailbox. You can learn more about it here.

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