Jo Upgrades MailSafe Wall Mount with #BetterByBoss

Jo found Mail Boss and the #BetterByBoss offer when searching for a “sturdier mailbox” after she discovered her Mailsafe mailbox by Solar Group with the door hanging open and nothing in the box:

BetterByBoss Mailsafe Breakin Sherman Oaks

She wrote to us:

“The mail was stolen from my locked mailbox a couple of weeks ago, and I have been research what sturdier mailbox I should buy to replace it. I’ve decided to get a Metro Mail Boss box and was looking at your website when I saw your offer. […]

Attached you will find photos of how my mailbox looked when I went out to pick up the mail and discovered the door hanging open and nothing in the box. The mail box is across the street, because on my street in Sherman Oaks, CA (part of Los Angeles) the mail carrier drives a vehicle and delivers only on one side of the street and only into mailboxes beside the street.

The other photo shows the box as it looks now, after the theft, looking the same as before the theft. Apparently it was so easy for the mail thief to spring the door open that one can’t even see the damage to the door. The only effect I notice is that the door is looser than before, that is, there is play in it even when it is “locked.” (The word “locked” in quotes, because clearly the word did not mean closed securely!)

I am very envious of people whose mail is delivered right to or through their front door, but understand that to make the best of it, I need a mail box that is harder to steal mail out of.”

Here are the other photos Jo shared of her burglarized Mailsafe Wall Mount locking mailbox, which she had installed on an ivy-covered roadside fence:

Sherman Oaks mailbox breakin

Mailbox after breakin sherman oaks california

This mailbox is advertised as the “MailSafe” so one would think it would keep your mail safe. But as Jo pointed out, it only looks secure. In reality, the box is pretty easy to just pop open with a screwdriver.

Of course we acknowledge that nothing is theft proof; still, we strive to design locking mailboxes that do what they are supposed to — keep your mail secure! The anti-pry latch locking system featured on all Mail Boss mailboxes will provide more than a moment’s deterrence to a screwdriver-wielding thief.

The #BetterByBoss mailbox offer exists to help victims of mailbox burglary replace a locking mailbox that has been pried open with locking mailbox that is more difficult to pry open, namely, a Mail Boss mailbox. To find out more about the #BetterByBoss promotion, go here.

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